Training and Professional Development

Training equips professionals with the tools to effectively communicate  the goal of increasing the number of highly qualified individuals for a  competitive global workforce. 


 Dr. Karen  Hypolite and her team are experts in motivating,  inspiring, and educating audiences of diverse experiences; providing  them with cutting edge resources in S.T.E.M.   


Support and resources made available to corporations, organizations, and educational institution alike. We help orchestrate organizational stem initiatives, create stem academy programs, and facilitate stem classes.

  Getting to be a part of the 21st Century and the intricacies of the formation of a century is a privilege. We are so thankful for the opportunity to contribute in a small way that will help others find their place in the world; a place among thought leaders, content creators, innovators, quality highly skilled employees, and entrepreneurs. ThinkS.T.E.M. Technologies has one driving force. We exist solely to create pathways to increase participation and engagement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.   

Hear Dr. Hypolite give a dynamic presentation on the paradigm shift in the 21st Century.


Schools have a need to increase the capacity of their teachers to increase the capacity of their students.  We are here for you!


Businesses have a need to create a pipeline of high qualified and skilled workers to increase profitability.  We are here for you!

The Community

Community organizations have a need to improve their effectiveness by offering relevant programming for the 21st Century.  We are here for you!

ThinkS.T.E.M. Blog

  We are on the verge of the most technologically advanced time in human history and we need everyone to get involved. There are so many needs in the shaping of a new generation and we must be prepared with the skills and the knowledge base to face the challenges. Some challenges seem obvious while others are more obscure, yet very important. The needs in cyber security, medicine, agriculture, and national defense are only a few. There are many others. The time is now to be positioned to advance with the Information Age. ThinkSTEM Technologies has just the solution to help schools, businesses, and community organizations to position their most valuable assest – people. Our future as a whole depends on it.