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21st Century Keys to Advancements in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics by Dr. Karen Hypolite

This book answers the question "What is STEM Education? It provides the definition of stem education and a clear understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) in the 21st Century with clear pathways to getting involved. It underscores the significance and the relevance of critical thinking, creativity and innovations as they relate to S.T.E.M. The reader will enjoy the colorful examples and juxtaposition of scientific principles with real life applications. This book gives suggestions on how to engage questioning; the foundation of thinking critically. It provides direction on the requisites to participate in the vast opportunities that lie ahead of a century still maturing. In it you will understand:

• What makes the 21st Century the Information Age the S.T.E.M. Age 

• How to increase your thinking capacity to one of a true critical thinker in the Information Age 

• What opportunities are available in S.T.E.M.